About us

The Kids Cancer Centre (KCC) at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick (SCH) has been treating children for cancer and blood disorders in NSW, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for almost 50 years. During that time the cure rates for child cancer patients has increased from less than 10% in the early 1960s, to 75% in the current era.

We are a large multi-disciplinary department with medical and psychosocial expertise in looking after children and adolescents with cancer and blood disorders. We provide a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and management of children and adolescents with any cancer or blood disorder.

We have developed a complex network of rural and regional specialty clinical services conducted through outreach nursing and 25 outreach clinics each year, and patients are referred from the city, rural areas, interstate, and overseas to benefit from the highly specialised expertise and clinical care. We have a rich history of parent involvement in the development of the service through their creation of the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia and the Parent Advisory Council.

We treat more than 140 new and relapsed cancer patients each year. We are also a recognised Haemophilia Treatment centre, has a Chronic Red Cell Transfusion Programme and assesses more than 200 children with non-malignant blood disorders each year.

We perform more than 50 stem cell infusions each year, making the cord and marrow transplant program one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Centre provides:

  • Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis for patients with cancer and both malignant and non-malignant blood disorders.
  • Detailed information about treatment and follow-up.
  • Age appropriate written and verbal information about diagnosis, treatment and follow up so both parents and patients have an understanding about their condition.
  • Nursing expertise in the management of children and adolescents with cancer and blood disorders.
  • Cancer related education for patients, family, friends, schools and workplaces.

Centre staff are active members of many international collaborative clinical trials groups including ANZCHOG, COG, SIOPEN, SIOPEL, and TACL so our patients benefit from access to clinical trials and research projects with state of the art treatment models.

The team prides itself on the family centred care focusing on the patient’s and families’ medical and psychosocial needs. The specially trained multi-disciplinary care team include Social Workers, a Psychologist, Education Liaison Teachers, Play and Music Therapists and a Bereavement Counsellor who are available for patients and parents from the day of admission, during their time in the hospital and throughout follow-up treatment.

The Centre also employs outreach nurses to provide community support on discharge. There are 25 outreach clinics are run per year in Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Armidale, Campbelltown and Wagga Wagga.

Continuity of care is a priority for the team, ensuring the highest quality of care is provided to patients and their families every step of the way. Patients and families gain peace of mind as they become familiar with the medical and nursing team and establish relationships that will last throughout their journey.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) and the Centre maintains a close working relationship with paediatric and adult colleagues the SCHN and Prince of Wales Hospital ensuring patients benefit from other sub-speciality assessment and management as required.